I tell you what

Catholics can really push my nerves.

Now now, don’t get your britches in a bunch just yet. 

Might I add that I myself am a born and raised Catholic. 

Now seriously though, I’ve been wanting to talk about this for some time because it REALLY bothers me. Like all the way to my core bothers me. I pray, yes of course I do, and so now I’m just going to say it. 

Most self proclaimed Catholics, I argue, are not practicing Catholicism. Our 1 duty is to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. 

That’s it. That’s all we are called to do. Now now, I know this is one TALL order, nay, impossible order to fill because we are imperfect beings ~ but as our duty to God we are to try our best to follow through. 

So, WWJD? 

The answer is, was, and will ALWAYS be to love. 

When there is hate in this world, we are called to LOVE. 

When there is a homeless man in need, it is our DUTY to love. 

When our neighbor is away on vacation, staying with a sick relative etc ~ it is our DUTY to love them and help look after their house. 

When a man loves another man, a woman loves another woman, when there is death, when there is life, when there is sin, and when there is purity our sole duty is to love. Nothing more. We aren’t entitled to judge. We aren’t entitled to think ourselves better than any other being. 

Yes that is right. You reading this. You are no better than the homeless man you drive past daily and refuse to help. You’re no better than the woman who was raped and sought an abortion. You’re no better than the gay man that sat three tables down from you at lunch earlier this week. 

We all sin. 

And through our sin we have the opportunity to grow, mature, wise up, be forgiven and guess what ~ LOVE! 

So why do I see so much hate? Where is this image of love lost on Catholics? Where did the message of living a life of love and compassion turn to self pleasing, self preservation, me myself and my family? Into thinking that my sins aren’t as bad as your sins? 

For Christ’s sake ~ literally do it for Him, open your hearts back up Catholics. It’s time we start acting like real followers. It’s time we start leading lives of love. 

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