The life you’re living

I like to take time each day and reflect.

 My reflections are often different, but one recurring thought I enjoy touching back on from time to time is this: when its all said and done, will you be satisfied with the life you lived? 

So often we get caught up in our day to day routines that we forget we are dying. We lose touch with what is calling us, pulling at our soul to do. 

Far too many people die before they get the opportunity to really live. 

So think for a moment or two, and ask yourself this question. How would you answer? Are you perfectly content with your life as it is, and the path you’re leading? 

If yes, that is absolutely fantastic! It is my wish for all my friends and loved ones to be doing what they are called to do, and happy with the where their journey concludes. 

But if you couldn’t say yes, like more than not did, the best news is you still have time. 

Tomorrow begins a new day, an opportunity for a fresh start. A chance to change the way you reply to the question.  

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  1. Where’d you take this photo?

    1. madebymallory says: Reply

      It was taken on the hike to renew your wedding vows in Oregon 🙂

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