Every day I wake up, do a little reading and then get ready to take my dog for our walk. Almost subconsciously at this point in my life, I pick out a specific pair of shoes to match my outfit, throw them on and comfortably go for a 2.5 mile walk with my Luck man. 

 Once we finish our routine walk, I get inside and kick off my workout shoes. Opting to slip into more comfy slippers for around the house, I begin tackling my to-do list for the day. 

When it comes time to get my brain shifted toward work, I carelessly slide out of my slippers and into the shower. While lathering up I’m pondering what I’ll wear to work, no doubt considering what shoe options will work best with each clothing choice. 

Without even thinking, I will try on multiple pairs of shoes before determining which to go with for the day ~ and when I get home I can’t wait to take them off to get back into my comfy slippers. 

How lucky am I, are all of us, that we get to choose between shoes day to day, even event to event. That we own so many ~ we have shoes in our closets that have been worn maybe once or twice, yet there they sit in case we so happen to choose them again. 

Many aren’t like us, and today has been humbling for me. Trying to carry about my day, my routine, without shoes hasn’t been easy. 

I can’t even get groceries without shoes. My 2.5 mile walk without shoes was painful, and took twice as long because I couldn’t carelessly step on rocks and branches without shoes to protect my soles. Children can’t go to school without shoes. 

I’m thankful that i never had to think twice about whether or not I’d have a pair of shoes, if I’d be allowed in a grocery store or to attend school. These things were given to me. Today I walk without shoes so that children who weren’t so fortunate as me get the opportunities I took for granted. ???? 


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