24 & lookin to make an uproar 

A good one, that is. 

I don’t think you have to know me well, to know that I’ve long walked to my own beat. I’ve rarely been afraid to be myself. Now there were times. For instance, getting severly bullied in a Christian setting day in and out for being slightly off their path. That was a bit of a struggle. 

Fortunately I got heavily involved in 4-H and volunteering that I could drown out their hateful remarks and immature behavior, and continue to be more myself in these settings. 

Maybe I was weird to other kids because I loved to help others, because I generally thought equally of a homeless man and myself. I don’t think that was normal to them. As a kid you’re supposed to tease the homeless man. You’re parents wouldn’t allow you to exchange a smile or dare utter a hello to the man. But not my mom. That’s not to say she was all, ‘come over for dinner, a bath, watch a movie and sleep on the couch’ with them either. Rather she would smile at them, see if she had food or a spare few dollars to give and wish them the best. She taught my brother and I to give what we no longer needed and pass it along to someone who would benefit greatly from the gift. 

This attitude has carried on through my entire life so far, and because my mind is aware, it will be engrained in me for life. 

I love helping others, and no one is beyond needing help. We need to remember that we are ALL human. We are all in this together. We are no better or worse than another human. We cannot judge another person, because we do not know what has caused them to fall into their current situation. We can however, show love and compassion to all humans. We can listen, we can show support and friendship. We can give from our excess to someone without. We can be stewards. 

In one week, I will embark on my first trip with On His Path to Guatemala thanks to my wonderful and giving godparents, and founders of the organization. I will get to fully emmersify myself in their culture, in their extremely poor lifestyle, yet experience how rich their are in happiness, peace, love, and God. So far I’ve collected two suitcases full of clothing and black shoes to give to the children there. Why black shoes? Children cannot attend school unless they have black shoes. So many kiddos don’t own a single pair of shoes, let alone a black pair. This will be so helpful to the children, to their families, and to their communities. I’m beyond blessed for the opportunity and I cannot wait to share my experiences with you all. 

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