Beautiful thing called life

This last week sure has kept me busy!! 

Starting last Friday, I had news that I was accepted to move into a condo in the CR area, so my mother came up and to the rescue to help get that move accomplished. 

We started Saturday off participating in the Insane Inflatable 5k, where I ended up puking into a recycling tub because i didn’t know better. Warning, don’t drink a protein shake right before jogging. The bouncing WILL upset a sensitive tummy. Case in point. And video coverage coming soon!! (Not of the puking though ????)

The run itself was a lot of fun, although they didn’t hire me or my mom to set up the course ~ we’d have more evenly spread the inflatables through the course! ???? 

As soon as we wrapped up at the race, my new landlord called and said the lease was ready to be signed!! WOOT!

Good thing my brother and his lovely lady were already en route my way as a surprise to our mother for her birthday! They were so crucial in the slick and easy move ~ as we had 5 sets of hands carrying box after box, load followed by load between my old and new dwelling. 

This week, I’ve been having the pleasure of unpacking and figuring out where all my decor and plants will be displayed.  

Oh and living without Internet. And trying to crop down all my GoPro footage from the run to be able to share. Now that I’ve gotten connected with wireless again, I’m rocking that out ~ and thought I better post on my blog!! 

In other news, my dog seems to be loving the new place like myself. Thankfully he’s such a well mannered boy, I was quickly able to curb his desire to bark when an ‘intruder’ opens the main door to the condo. 

Life is fabulous because that’s how I choose to see it. I am happy, I am healthy and I am loved. I’m about to turn 24 and rock the heck out of my 24th year of life here.

When I reflect on my life so far, I’m darn impressed with how much I have accomplished, how much has gone on in my life and how my reactions have evolved with time. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’ve only been in existence for 24 short years, when my experiences could fill many many more. But I guess if I’ve already conquered all of this so far, I can’t wait to see what it yet to come.

Cheers. To life, to love, to happiness. To another chapter and to many more life lessons headed my way. May my energies continue to be pushed with positivity and may I always find the blessings in life. 

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