Making America great again

It’s a grand plan, and something I’ve stood behind for years. 

America has been a country of constant evolution. A country that is ever charging forward with ambition to change the world. 

After terribly owning other humans, we shed light on freedom. We shed light on equality ~ and have been pushing ever toward that since. 

Our country though, isn’t great. Our education system isn’t in the top 25. We spend more money on war than the following 26 countries COMBINED, and the kicker is 24 of those countries are our allies.  

War never brought America greatness. Instead it wrecked lives, and the aftermath still permeates. We have veterans who are homeless because they cannot find work since their legs were blown off fighting for ‘us’. We have 22 veterans per day that take their own lives. 

We have pharmaceutical companies writing the FDA regulations and paying our government to keep natural cures on the black market, and lock up or kill the men and women who shed light on truth. 

We founded America to get away from tyranny, yet we are living under excessively oppressive rule. We are run by the elite 1%. The government is run by this 1%. Most ‘news’ sources are paid for and run by the elite, writing and disseminating propaganda. The vicious cycle won’t stop until we, as a country come together and push back.

So, how do we do this? 

It appears we have two options this election season.

We have Trump, who’s entire campaign rallies around ‘Making America Great Again’ or Bernie Sanders who wants to pave a new road in Americam history.

Ergg, sigh, I know you guys have had it with all this political mess. I have too. But seriously, our country’s future, our own futures will depend heavily on our choice this election. 

Trumps campaign slogan is perfect! But let’s consider how he plans to execute. By deporting illegals, building walls, continuing to spend as much or more on military to prove we are the biggest, baddest country ~ Don’t Fuck with America mentality. But what is ever accomplished by instilling fear, hate, and resentment toward others? 

I’ve never accomplished anything, or made anything great from being an arrogant asshole. I highly doubt as a country we would find greatness in it either. 

So then we can consider, what does bring greatness? What are qualities that make a person or group great? That is what America needs to consider. Love breaks barriers. Helping one another instills power in the oppressed and in the one helping. Focusing on educating people so they can make self informed decisions makes a person/ country great. A country that looks after its’ people is a country that is great. 

So please, let’s come together and choose greatness. Let’s focus on building each other up, and policies that will push the government to look out for us all as well. We ALL deserve to be protected. We all deserve basic human rights if we really are America the Great.

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