Reflection Thursday

I decided with the weather so beautiful today, I wanted to be outside before work as much as possible.

So I decided to do my R & R on a nice rug in the backyard. This way I could throw the frisbee with lucky and we’d both be in our happy place.

For me R & R doesn’t stand for rest and relaxation. It stands for relax and reflection. I like to give myself a few minutes every day to reflect on my thoughts, my previous actions, and things I need to act on. My reflection time gives me such good insight, and has proven to expand my mind greatly ~ not only about myself, but about other humans too. 

Today’s reflection consisted of being ever so thankful that I’m alive. That I have this opportunity still to be here, to touch and feel and DO. I’ve lost too many friends to count on both hands, all who’s opportunities at life were cut short. That could be us. It could be our last time hopping in the car. It could be our last night going to bed tonight. It could be the last time you see your wife, husband, child, parents, and loved ones.

Don’t take these moments for granted.

I had someone try to cut my life short, but it wasn’t my time. Now I feel obligated to make the most of my every living day. To enjoy these moments. The sun shining down on me right now, my dog slobbering kisses all over me, the love and support of family and friends, and most of all the choice to do what I want in this precious life of mine.

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