The reason I matured

so quickly is because I always had in me a bit of a rebellious streak. 

Not really in a bad way, although I’m sure some would try to argue that my ink and nose ring, or maybe some other life choices of mine would favor badly. 

That’s here nor there. 

So when I say I’ve always been a bit rebellious, my whole family and their close friends know what I’m talking about. They saw it in my eyes even when I was just 2.5 ft tall. 

When I was younger, I just did as my parents said or I didn’t. My rebellion was more like when a friend offered me part of their candy, I’d take 3/4ths of the candy bar, smile and eat the dang candy! Leaving them laughing and thinking that I’m a little shit. (Rightfully so!)

Once I could really develop my own though processes, I wanted to think on my own and act on my own.

At 14, I got a job so that I could start to finance myself. I figured that by financing myself, my parents would have to take stalk in what my opinions were regarding myself. I got to buy my own clothes, and choose how I wanted to dress. I didn’t have to begrudgingly take what my mom would buy me. 

That gave me such an upper hand as I continued to go through school. Parents and teachers noticed that I was far more mature than my classmates. I had to develop so many skills to really prove I was and could handle my own. I learned to balance my check book, how to set a budget. I learned how to weigh out the pros and cons before jumping to any decision. I learned to do research and not blindly trust what I was told. I learned to pave my own way when necessary. 

My rebellious streak led me to hang out with older kids and, yes try my first drink of alcohol at 16. While that may or may not be a good thing in your eyes, being around the older kids continued to heighten my awareness. I enrolled in college courses starting when I was 16 years old as well. 

Being 16 and around students ranging from their late teens to mid fourties continued to push my mind to greater insights and understanding about the world. 

My rebellious mind made me extremely curious when things I was being told, were not matching the reality of what I was witnessing daily. Just one silly example to share.. Being told in school that weed is bad. It’s dangerous. It’ll kill you and ruin your whole family. You’ll turn into a burnout with no job and your brain will be mush. 

I mean I really wasn’t sure. But I did know someone who smoked weed multiple times every day starting when they were 14. This student was a solid A B student. In fact, this student was SO bright in math our valedictorian actually would copy his homework to turn in as hers daily. It didn’t make sense, so began my research on cannabis. As many of you know, it is still a subject I continue to study because of my fascination with the 5 fingered plant and its many many benefits to humans: from delivering the full amino chain to our bodies and being the most complete plant to sustain human life, to curing over 40 types of cancers, known so far! 

The same logic I apply to nearly everything I see or am told. Because I’m a rebel, I won’t blindly take your word for it. I’m no sheep. A wool blanket can’t be pulled over my head. I won’t simply take your word. I’ll test it. I will research it. I’ll weigh out all the evidence and form my own educated opinion based on reality, based on science, not propaganda or hidden agendas. 

My rebellious streak has remained constant in my life, it’s brought me to some of the most difficult and the most rewarding adventures in my life. But most importantly, it’s helped me uncover so many fun things about myself and about the world surrounding me. 

Cheers to us rebels, to us folk who walk to our own drum. Who follow the voice of reason and fact and not the voice of a ‘leader’. 

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