Life in Guatemala: day 2 continued

Following the dedication of Juan’s house, our half of the group was done for the day. The other half was still wrapping up their first day of home visits. 

Saul drove us back to our hotel in Antigua, and we were told where and when to meet for dinner. 

As the Smith family parted back to their room, Luke offered that we check out the Thai masseuses in the hotel. We had enough time to get a massage and Luke signed us up.

The women masseuses were so well educated and trained in Thai massage. My body melted under her hands after working all day! The time passed much to quickly. 

The whole group met for dinner, where we exchanged stories of our experiences that day. 

I loved hearing about the home visits; but I was even more excited to get to go on the home visits the following day myself to experience it firsthand. 

That night while I laid in bed my mind didn’t want to shut of the excitement of what may happen the next day. I gave thanks and credit to the Almighty, and finally sleep overcame me.

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