Life in Guatemala: the arrival

We had arrived! Late. Tired. Maybe a little moody. Definitely excited for the week to come. But we had made it! After maintenance delaying our originating flight out of Cedar Rapids, American Airlines held the connecting plane from Dallas into Guatemala City for our group so we could arrive as scheduled.

Our team with On His Path arrived safely in Guatemala! With our passports in hand, security waved each of us right on through. Even more, every single checked bag made it through the chaos and met us in Guatemala! With about 15 checked bags filled mainly with donations, we were very impressed, and thankful!

We threw the luggage and donations on trollies and rushed outside to meet Chris and Donna, the two most incredible people leading Bethel Ministries. 

After successfully filling both vehicles with all our baggage, we headed straight to Pollo Campero. 

Ahh.. fried chicken and pizza on our first night in Guatemala. Their food hit the spot so much we would end up eating at the chain on 3 occasions! Not to mention the fact, we could trust the food and drink wouldn’t make us ill. 

It was late, and now with full bellies, we were tired from the day of travels; so we headed through Guatemala City and off to our hotel in Antigua. 

Family by family, and person by person the room keys were handed out. We said our goodnights, set our meeting time for breakfast at 7 am the following morning and retired to our rooms. 

Upon closing the room door behind me, it really sank in. I made it all the way to Central America in just a day, and with a wave of excitement I knew the week ahead would drastically impact my entire future. 

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