Asking yourself Why Not? 

Maybe you woke up late this morning. Or you took a sip of your coffee too soon and now your tongue is scalded. 

Maybe you were stuck behind a slow driver on your way to work, causing you to walk through the door a few minutes tardy. 

Your dog made a mess that you had to clean up at the most inconvenient time of your day, or your kid was acting out of line at the grocery store and caused a scene. 

Maybe you got the news that a dear friend or family member is ill. Maybe you’re coping with the tragedy of a loved ones passing, and struggling to navigate forward without them.

We’ve all been there and had tough days. I sure hope your morning didn’t kick off this way, but it’s inevitable from time to time. Life can’t be an all uphill ride, or we wouldn’t have anything to gauge the good days with. 

God doesn’t promise us a life without struggle. But he does promise to bless us and to teach us if we are willing to be His students and listen. 

When you are going through something tough, something that challenges you, something that makes you ask “why?”, I encourage you to ask yourself “why not?”. 

Rather than honing in on negativity, remember to search for the blessing in each moment and each day. Not all blessings and lessons come wrapped in a bow. Some are messy, confusing, and take time to realize. 

By asking yourself why not, you train your brain not to see a negative as a downfall, but rather an opportunity of growth. Because the short of it is, if it was handed to you, He knew you could handle it and that you needed it for a specific purpose. 

And if He already knows that you’ll get through it, and that it will shape you into a better person, then truly, why not?? 

Dive in, accept the thunder and the sunshine. Embrace the highs and the lows. They are all part of your divine story. The good and bad times are all are part of the fiber of your unique existence and purpose on earth. 

After all, why not?

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