Life in Guatemala: Home visits

When my phone blared it’s alarm at 6:00 a.m. on our third morning in Guatemala, I was wide-eyed and alert. Today I’d be with the group going on home visits around Tecpan! 

My muscles were ready for a break, and I was eager to pack my Nikon along again for the days adventure. 

When our group met for breakfast, I scarfed down my fresh fruit parfait and some coffee to perk me up for the excitement coming. 

As always, the whole group met at the vehicles, said our prayers, split up into the two teams: home building and house visits, and were off.

The Smith family and myself were with Chris and Donna for the house visits that day. Chris drove along, music playing, the Smiths relaxing, and me hanging out the window taking photos and recording video with my camera and GoPro. 

About 30 minutes later, we had pulled up to a house. It was pretty far away from most houses in the area. But I immediately recognized the design. It was a house that Bethel Ministries had built a year prior!

The kiddos came running down the hill to greet us, with their parents in tow. Great big smiles spread across their faces to see us. 

The family we met that day, I’ll never forget. The couple had been together for over 20 years, had five children together, but had been unable to get married in the church because they lacked baptism and correct paperwork. The father was having trouble with his eyesight which was making it difficult to land work each day. Because of this, some days the family had food and other days they had to go without. 

The children run around playing in completely worn out shoes; showing off their new toys to me: their jump ropes, new sunglasses, tricks with the soccer ball, and even learning to take photos on my Nikon! 

They had no idea the struggle their parents were enduring. Their happiness and love of God was radiating from their little bodies. 

The parents prayers were answered as we had brought along a months rations of food for them, and had toys and clothing for their children. Each person in the family also received a pair of shoes. 

After handing out all the surprises, we gathered together and prayed over the family. We prayed for their health, for the father’s eye condition to improve enough he could land steady work, and that the church would help get the process rolling on the couples paperwork to finally get them married! 

The parents cried while we prayed with them, and it brought me to tears yet again. How lucky are we that we need not pray for food each day, but that we should because it can all be taken away in an instant. That we have steady work, and too many toys to count. That we complain about things that don’t even matter in the grand scheme of things, and allow this negativity to cloud our outlook on life and the abundance of blessings that ARE in our life. 

???? – @lifeofmalware