National Dog Day


A gift from God. 

A profound teacher, and best friend. 

Lucky enjoying a car ride in the Jeep

How lucky are we whose lives have been blessed with a pooch! 

Much like children, we all tend to think that our dog, despite his or her quirks, is simply the best dog there is. I think everyone is right in that thinking. I believe that each dog is perfect for each owner; it’s specific manurisms and qualities perfectly designed for each owner. 

They teach us about unconditional love by showering us in kisses and endless tail wags when we arrive home from work. Or even after we just step outside to grab the mail, or run out to the car to grab something we left behind. 

Dogs teach us to be sorry, and seek forgiveness when they have done something wrong. 

They make us laugh with their goofy ways when we need a laugh, and provide the best snuggles when we are feeling low. 

Lucky taking a quick break from playing catch outside

Dogs show us how to appreciate the little things, with their tireless excitement over breakfast and dinner each day, or getting to play fetch with a ball or frisbee. 

They are living proof not to take life too seriously, to enjoy each moment. 

Dogs teach us that each day is a new day, full of new and endless possibilities. They don’t hold grudges against us for not giving them the extra treat, or not sharing our dinner with them, or not giving them enough attention. 


What a life changing gift. 

Happy National Dog Day Lucky. Thanks for your living lessons on life. 

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