Why pain and suffering exists

2 Corinthians 12. 

That’s the best answer I can give at this current moment. You see, I’m no Bible expert. Not yet at least. 

I’m only now REALLY diving deep into the Bible and it’s innumerable messages.

But if you’ve ever doubted God, or even more painfully, doubted His entire existence based on the fact that there is pain and suffering in this life, please read that chapter on Paul. 

He is burdened with a thorn of the flesh. An ailment so debilitating to this normally fairly independent apostle of the Lord. This ‘thorn’ is so burdensome, it keeps him from work at times and he begs God THREE TIMES to heal him and remove the thorn. 

God is all powerful, so He could easily have healed Paul. But then Paul would miss the point God was trying to make. 

God is a loving father and we are His children. It’s not His job to make our lives as easy as possible. It’s His job to help us grow and learn. To learn empathy, compassion, understanding, grace, love, forgiveness, fellowship, trust, LOVE. Does your mom always do everything you ask of her, constantly following you around and monitoring your every action in life? I surely hope not, because you’d likely be a spoiled brat; ungrateful for her love and sacrifice. Rather she loves you so that she does what she must, and allows you to learn some hard lessons on your own. This is how our Father works too, on a much deeper and profound level.

If life was perfect; if cancer didn’t exist, if pain never struck us, if we never felt our heart being ripped out from losing a loved one, how would we learn these lessons? How would we know God? We wouldn’t even think of Him if we never needed him. Without those trials, our love of Him wouldn’t run deep.

It is through trials that we learn compassion for others, that we grow in love and compassion. That we learn humility, forgiveness, and to love.

Weakness, pain and suffering is what draws us to Him. When we need Him and rely on Him we are twice as strong as when we think we can and try to handle life on our own.

God bless you my friends and loved ones. May your trials make you ever more faith filled and compassionate towards one another.

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