The One who can always be counted on

Anyone else ready for November 9? I somberly raise my hand.. I am fatigued by this coming election. Social media is ever more present in our lives, and the vast online world playing an ever growing role in the dissemination of news, facts, and opinions swaying, manipulating and controlling our thoughts and opinions leading up to the Presidential election.

While I can laugh off some memes, comments and articles that purge misleading and false information, some downright scare me to see how many ‘likes’ and shares they are getting. On occasion, I’ve commented trying to alert folks to the truth, including accredited sources, only to become a target of personal insults irrelevant to the entire conversation.

I realize and accept that as a fact, the division between parties is at an all time high. This makes a civil conversation about important topics and decisions this November nearly impossible and really quite futile.

I have no intention of swaying your thoughts about who you believe more fit to lead our nation, and create unity and peace across boarders and the world. I know it would be a waste of my typing and time.

Rather, I’d just like to encourage you to consider why you are set to cast your vote the way you are, and do some honest evaluation of what brought you to casting your ballot in such a way. What has formed that viewpoint? Do you religiously vote one party and never even bother to consider an alternative? If you have done research, what were the sources that shaped your mindset? Are they biased? Paid? Are they considered trustworthy? Have you prayed and asked guidance on your thoughts? Have you applied critical thinking, and closely examined the differences between the goals of each candidate, carefully weighing the legitimacy and possibility of whether said goals would be able to be put in place or implemented? Have you sought error in your thinking, or in the policies and practices of your own side, and then considered how defensible they are? Or have you only looked at fault on the opposing side?

The most important thing I hope to do, is encourage you to pick up the Bible. Flip through it. Pick a page, pick a passage, and then another, and another. Read and study up. What recurring themes do you notice, and how does that play into or against whom you’ve chosen to stand behind?

If you are unsure about some things, please do due diligence, do your research and don’t hesitate to ask questions of knowledgable and trustworthy sources. And always, always pray.

I pray no matter who is elected, we can come together in unity on November 9 to support another, our brothers and sisters, neighbors, community and our nation. I pray we can civilly move forward toward the greater good, and not waste time pointing fingers and casting blame at one another for what happens over the course of next month, or the next four years. Let’s ditch the condescending remarks and attitudes towards those whose thoughts and opinions aren’t in line with us. Let’s open our eyes and ears to truth, and to loving on each other as we are called by our supreme ruler to do.

We must always remember that no matter who is elected to lead our country, we must pray for them. And above all, recognize that God is the one true king and ruler of all. We are obligated to Him, and His will alone. We must be willing to submit to his will and give unending praise only to God. His will, will always be done. He has the power to work through anyone and everyone at any time. He is the only one who can always be counted on, through good and bad.

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