Missions in Life

It can be so easy to get distracted in our own bubble. We forget to consider more than ourselves. We get set on a mission to find our own happiness, to pave our own way through life. We are told that we can’t expect for someone else to love us if we don’t love ourselves first, so we get set on a mission of self discovery to determine who exactly we are, and what will bring us happiness.

But is this really the key to happy living?? What if it takes me until I am 50 to feel out what I am supposed to do in life, or get my calling? What if I struggle, like most Americans, to find happiness in my current situation– always believing that the next step will provide the happiness I seek?

This may be the biggest error of our lives: fighting to be in control of our life and our happiness.

Which brings me to our first and most important mission in life: Accepting Jesus into our lives and hearts. Recognizing that there is a way to eternal life, and that way is through Christ. He made the way for us when He died for all of our sins; sins we have already committed, and sins that we will commit. He paid that ultimate price, giving us the heavenly reward if we choose to believe and be filled with the Spirit.

As believers we recognize that God is our leader, He is the way. Our key to happiness is to stop troubling ourselves with the all consuming and quite daunting task of trying to stumble and pave our own way through this life. He knows our plans; He has already marked them on our hearts. We are free to let go of that stress and worry of trying to blindly feel our way through to happiness, and rely fully on God’s great plan. He doesn’t hold out on us. Allowing Him to lead your life will lead to the greatest sense of happiness in the now than can even be imagined: in both the good and bad times that are inevitable.

Belief in God and meditating on His Word will encourage us on what I’ll coin as our second key mission in life: progress. It is a relief to know that we are not perfect, and we aren’t expected to be such. We are human, and all God  and we can expect of ourselves is progress. This desire to progress will impact our relationships, will spur us to love deeper and more selflessly, prompt us to be more kind to those we come in contact with, think of ourselves less and of God more, leave sinful desires behind more easily and propel us to live more like Christ in our every word, thought and action.


May you find peace in your hearts my friends. Happiness is right here, right now and there is more than enough of it for EVERYONE to accept and enjoy. It doesn’t take the next move, the next job, the next new outfit, the next anything to achieve. It only takes all knowing, all powerful and all consuming God to work in and through you.

 💜 @lifeofmalware 

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