2017: A year of Gratitude

Where does the time go?? Seriously. How are we already more than halfway through the first month of 2017??! Where is the slow down button?

Let me start off by saying how grateful I am for all that happened to me in 2016, because it’s all lead to the opportunities that have come so far in 2017, and continue to shape me moving forward. When the new year kicked off, I was asked about my new year’s resolutions.. and I came to decide that 2017 would be my year of listening and obedience. First and foremost, I apply this to God and being more in tune with Him; listening and obeying His direction for my life. I also mean this in other relationships. I’ve been guilty of being pretty ‘bull-headed’ and only listening to respond with my own thoughts on a subject. With God’s help, I’ve been very focused on just listening to others, asking questions, and letting them generally answer their own questions rather than berating them with my advice and opinions.

How’s my year going so far with the whole listen and obey?

Let’s start at the beginning…

I started the year off with a bang- launching my own public relations strategies business, Bees Knees PR, LLC on January 3. Since the launch, I have signed contracts with TWO area businesses and have more interested clients in the works! I’d also got my Substitute Teaching Authorization, which allows me to teach K-12 in Iowa on days that I am not busy with my own gig!! God is SO good!!

I continue to practice yoga three times a week, and get my sweat on during PiYo twice a week. I am so thankful that my body is able to move and flow the way it can, and get very excited at how much I have progressed in the past 5 months practicing regularly!! I had x-rays done in mid 2015 that showed my spine bending in ways it shouldn’t. The doctor deemed me pre-scoliosis, with a 20% bend in one spot and 18% bend in another spot. Yoga has done wonders to naturally realign my spine, and for the first time in my life a Chiropractor told me I had GOOD posture!! Praise the Lord! I have such gratitude for the wonderful instructor, Rachel, and her dedication to the practice and to her clients.

I have dedicated time each week to connect with friends, new and old, write my Dear Future Husband letters, and have added writing hand written letters to people who I feel called to make an impact with. It’s my year of gratitude, and I have so many people to give thanks to, celebrate friendship, congratulate and share the greatness of our Savior with.

Speaking of sharing the greatness of Jesus, I joined a women’s Bible study group through Harmony, to dive into the Word with several other women and discuss the importance of the messages that stand out to us as we read and meditate on God’s instruction manual.

One area of my life that I’d fallen off the tracks with was volunteering, and in 2016 my godparents paved the way to open my heart up to just how much that means to me. In high school, I had accumulated over 950 hours volunteering through various clubs, organizations, and school. In college, I volunteered through Colleges Against Cancer and other student run organizations, but after graduation, I hadn’t joined forces with any group to help out and I really wanted to change that. This year, I’ve signed up to be a cookie baker at the Hospice House, and offered my former school nurse to sit with her mother so she can feel comfortable leaving the house.

I’ve started working with a friend to draw up and form an organization dedicated to supporting domestic assault victims, sharing testimony, and offering a safe space to discuss the warning signs, implications, affects, and most of all HOPE.

I belong to an awesome group of Young Professionals through the Greater Burlington Partnership, and get to connect with them monthly to discuss workplace trends, local businesses, and life as a young professional in Burlington, Iowa.

To sum it up, I’ve done quite a bit…or more accurately, God has done a lot through me. My biggest thanks goes to Him, for humbling me over and over again and continuing to lift me up and use me in ways I can only attribute to Him. He is as present in our lives as we allow Him to be, and by giving Him time to run the show, He has opened doors and opportunities for me I’d never imagined. I am so eager to continue following His direction and see where He will lead me in the months, and years to come. While I know trials are inevitable, I am absolutely in awe at how strengthened my relationship with Him has become, and will continue holding fast unto Him when the storms hit and praise Him in all things.

If you’re curious about anything that I’ve written here, drop me a line, send me a text or give me a call. I’d love to dive deeper with you.

May you realize God’s blessings in everything you do.

💜 @lifeofmalware

“Have fire in your soul and grace in your heart.”



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  1. GOD is GOOD! Amen <3

  2. “Yoga has done wonders to naturally realign my spine, and for the first time in my life a Chiropractor told me I had GOOD posture!!”……you have no idea how happy this made me! :o)

    1. madebymallory says: Reply

      <3 Yoga is the best medicine!!

  3. this is very nice post. thank you

    1. madebymallory says: Reply

      Fantastic! Thank you for reading!

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