Notes from a Quarter Century of Life

This last week has been incredible guys. I feel so honored and humbled. So grateful for God in my life, the support of my family and my friends. You all help push me in ways you may not even know. 🙂 Thank you.

My birthday was Monday.

I spent the morning at the New London Vet’s office with my mom and fur child, Lucky Riffel. After 2 hours of examination, tests run and x-rays reviewed; it looked like my dog had fractured his knee; and possibly torn his ACL. He was administered two-weeks anti-inflammatory and pain medications and ordered to return for follow-up x-rays for a better diagnosis the first of July.

When we returned home, I had to pack my bags and was Fairfield, Iowa bound, to stay the night in a Tiny Home. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a community of tiny home dwellers. They showed me around the area, guest wash house, and washing station, the EcoVillage pond for fishing and swimming, and shared stories of what brought them to the tiny home lifestyle. I played with the black lab pup, Precious, for a bit, throwing a stick into the pond for her to retreive. Then excused myself to head to the privacy of my tiny home for the night.


I packed the birthday cards I’d received, thank you cards, parchment, my embosser, and colored pens; all to write to my heart’s content on my birthday. After I’d read and responded to the letters, I flipped to a clean page, and titled it: My 25 Bucket List. I’ll share the full list in another post. I love the opportunity to pause and reflect; and to set goals for the next 365 days. Once I’d completed my bucket list, I headed up the ladder to the tiny home bedroom.

I pulled out book three of GoT (Game of Thrones), A Storm of Swords, and settled in bed to read until I couldn’t keep my eyelids open. Just before falling asleep, I glanced out the window and spotted the gorgeous crescent moon with Jupiter shining bright on the side. I snapped a quick iPhone photo, and fell into sleep.

I woke with the rising sun, and was so excited to get ready for my business photo shoot with my wonderful friend, Melissa in downtown Fairfield. We strolled alleyways and made ourselves at home among the books and coffee Iowa’s most intriguing town has to offer. When it was all done, we were both excited to see the results of her work. I cannot ever say enough about her work. If you have not checked her out, DO IT. Melissa Cervantes Photo

On my way home, I stopped by MD Orthopaedics in Wayland, Iowa to deliver more than 80 black shoes collected by Girl Scout Troop 9575 for Guatemalan children to attend school! John Mitchell, my godfather and the founder of On His Path was so excited to receive the gift from the Girl Scouts and he prayed over me for a major upcoming meeting.

By the time I’d gotten home, I had just one hour to get ready for the mega client meeting. (Of course, my printer was throwing fits when I needed to print 30 pages worth of materials to present!) I rushed through my routine to get ready and drove to Staples to get copies & made it to Bent River Brewing Co. with 10 minutes to spare. My client contact and I had great conversation and our brainstorming session lasted three hours! Once the bill was paid, we parted ways with plans to reconvene the following morning to get introduced to key employees I’d be working and communicating most directly with.

One of my bucket list goals is to secure a major client for my business. (Major being a multinational company; one with hundreds of employees and a great story to tell.) And that goal is quickly coming to fruition! I’ve turned a 14-page proposal into 17 and emailed off the contract to get rolling with our plans. I’ve launched another client’s website, focusing on foreign language studies and am excited to see what will come from working with the non-profit, Speak for Peace Ltd. Most of all, I’ve never felt better about the friendships I’m developing and growing. I am so blessed.

I am grateful beyond words for the life and opportunities God presents me. And I eagerly follow Him on this journey He’s planned for my life. God is good, truly SO good. The more I tune into Him, the clearer my path is and the easier I am able to navigate through life’s decisions. Friends, pray for me please, that I continue to rely on and trust in Him whole heartedly.

Twenty-five, I’m coming for you, and I am so excited for the fun and the lessons yet to unfold over the next 359 days.

xoxo – Mallory




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