Yes I’m 25. No, I’m not married. I don’t have a child either and that is OKAY.

“I’m twenty-five.”

It’s a funny thing, turning two-five.

All growing up, 25 is thought of as “old.” You expect to be married, with at least one kid by the time you’re that old. Then along the way, it happens at a different time for everyone; mine happened to be my senior year in college; you realize 25 isn’t that old.

I was baking to prepare for the Cedar Falls Farmer’s Market. It was my second summer participating; and I had greatly expanding my product line to accommodate nearly everyone’s cravings. While I was waiting for a dozen double chocolate dream cookies to finish baking in the oven, I busied myself with the pile of dishes soaking in the sink. I’d just found out that my car had been totaled in an accident I was involved in earlier in the week and my 22nd birthday was less than a week away.

[My birthday falls so near the middle of the year, for as long as I can remember, my birthday has been a time of inner reflection and growth. I always seem to find myself deep in thought as I approach my birthday, evaluating my life the past 365 days; and previous six months. I consider where things had gone wrong, and praise Jesus for all the blessings in that pause of reflection. I smile as I count the many times of wonder and cherish memories.]

And then I thought, “Oh my god, I’m turning 22.”

I panicked.

My thoughts came in a rush: “I should have my life together by now. Why didn’t I have my shit figured out? What was my plan? My story? My life? My purpose? Am I a failure for not having this stuff figured out already??!”

Just when I was about to let the fear of the unknown and questions consume me, I decided that was madness, and my thoughts slowly shifted.

“I am young. I’m not even done with college. I run my own successful bakery business. I stay busy, I am happy, and my customers are happy. I have a crappy boyfriend, though. And it’s time to buy my first big girl car. You can do this, and you have so much to learn before you are really ready to settle into adulthood.”

I zipped a text off to my boyfriend ending things. So, I guess that was one item off my list. [Yes, you can OMG me right now for that. I never thought I’d break up with someone via text, but let’s face it. That was more than this punk deserved. Plus, he was a full day’s drive away from me & wouldn’t be back in Cedar Falls until the fall. NO WAY was I waiting that long just to say adios! Judge me. 😛 ] I pulled out my iPad and began thumbing through vehicle listings until I scrolled across the grey 2014 Jeep Patriot that I now drive. When I spotted the listing, I quickly shot a text off to my mom.

“God, I am still a kid after all. My mom is the first person I go to with any major news.”

I chuckled.

The timer to the cookies went off, and I pulled the oven hot deliciousness out to cool. Once safely stored, I hopped in the rental car and headed to Dan Deery’s lot to test drive the Jeep. Of course, we all know I liked it, and I sat down with the salesman to begin the process of car buying.

Gosh that is such a pain, isn’t it? Next time, I’m going to send someone else to do the deed for me I think. Let me know if you’re interested in handling that for me in the future folks.

Anyways, the salesman ran my credit history to see what kind of auto loans I’d qualify for. A few minutes later, he came back to alert me that I qualified for the lowest interest rate. He was impressed ‘for a gal my age.’

I could only smile back as it struck me.

“Heck yes, I AM young. And I am killing it. I am rocking life the best I know how with the resources I have. 22 is barely of age to make life decisions. My cerebral cortex isn’t even fully developed. I’ve GOT THIS.”

I signed my name about a million times, and the Jeep officially became mine. Or the banks really, until I’d paid off the loan, but I digress.

Happy birthday to me, a new ride & fresh perspective. It was just what I needed. As I drove off the lot, I smiled.

Right then I decided that 22 was still young.

“There is no way I’m going to rush my life to have everything figured out by the time I turn 25. I’ll still be a young pup then too. I’ll just take my life moment by moment, day by day, and year by year – enjoying each opportunity as it unfolds and shapes my wonderful life.”

And that is just what I have been doing.

Cheers to an amazing life FULL of experiences, lessons, & blessings. The first 25 have been monumental to my foundation. I can’t wait to see where the next building blocks lead.

xoxo – Mallory

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      Thank you for reading – I am glad that you enjoy my posts! I will try to write more often!!

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