My 25 @ 25 Bucket List

I created my 25 @ 25 bucket list on the week of my 25th birthday, which was one month ago already. Where has 2017 gone?? Seriously guys, kids have ONE MONTH of summer left – that’s it. Christmas is only 158 days away, but who’s counting that? 😉

Mind = blown.

Okay, this post isn’t about how fast 2017 is dwindling on us, it’s about my bucket list. I’ve decided to share my list with you to help hold me accountable. Since writing this, I can happily announce that I have accomplished #2 already, and clearly I’ve started working on #8 🙂 I am struggling with item 23, because my bow sights got messed up and I need to set aside some time to get it re-sighted.

Anyways, without further ado, here is my 25 @ 25 Bucket List:

  1. Acquire property
  2. Land multinational company for BK
  3. Continue DFH letters
  4. Go hunting
  5. Get my first bow hunting kill
  6. Fillet my first fish
  7. Continue to grow closer to God & trusting Him more & more (daily devotion & getting in the Word for weekly Bible study)
  8. Start blogging again (minimum monthly basis)
  9. Sell my Jeep
  10. Travel outside the US
  11. Missions trip
  12. Finish GOT series
  13. Get a saxophone
  14. Handwritten letters to friends weekly
  15. Get my 12th tattoo
  16. Contract my first employee (Bees Knees)
  17. Go on my first wilderness backpacking trip
  18. Strengthen my friendships
  19. Stop all alcohol consumption except red wine 🍷
  20. Practice yoga 5 days per week
  21. Buy a second bow
  22. Read 2 college textbooks
  23. Release 200 or more arrows/ week
  24. Read at least 2 novels/ mo
  25. Take a major road trip (4+ states covered)

I’ll do my best to update you as I am able to cross more items off the list, but since it’s not one of my bucket list items to do, I may or may not fail at doing so. Forgive me.

Do you make yearly bucket lists? If so, please share yours with me!

<3 @lifeofmalware


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