Day 10: No Place to Go

I’ve always been highly driven. Every personality test reveals the layers of ambition, drive, my quest for perfection and attention to detail. While this means that I’ve been able to do a lot that I set out to do, it also means that I do much of it with a sense of urgency and rush. My wheels seem to be in constant motion, and it can cause me to focus on the prize, and not on what is right in front of me. 

Have you ever ran into an acquaintance at the store, or out shopping, and stopped to say hi only to notice their gestures signal that they are in a hurry, leaving you to feel like an inconvenience?

I wonder if in times that I am in a hurry, and rushing to get things done, do our children feel this way around us? Do we rush their souls? Are they trying to keep pace with us to get our attention? 

Do we want to have others feeling rushed and as though they are all an inconvenience to us? I don’t. I would love to be the person who puts others at ease. I’d light to be someone they know is all there when they are with me. 

When we are in hot pursuit of our own goals, we tend to lose sight of the needs of everyone around us. We can focus on quantifiable things, such as our to-do list while failing to measure how we are showing up for our children, listening to our husband, or being there for a friend without them having to ask for help. 

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” Hebrews 6:10

In our life, there will be many times God is calling on us to focus on things that cannot be measured right away; on things we can’t cross off our to-do list for instant gratification. Let’s remember Hebrews 6:10 as our little one tells us the longest story ever, or when our friend could use uninterrupted time and attention. In these moments, God sees us and the impact that we are making. Every time we choose to put life and our to-do lists down in favor of connecting with our family and our friends, we are loving on HIS children. Let’s slow down and focus on the impact we can make on the lives of those around us right now. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make and impact today in hopes of having a greater impact down the road. 


Heavenly father, help me to see life through your eyes. I am constantly looking a hundred steps ahead wanting to tackle my to-do list and seeking perfection at every turn. Show me how to stop calculating and keep my eyes focused on the present moment and what is in front of me today. Show me how to love those around me with vigor and love so they know they matter to me and that I have no other place to be than right there with them. In your mighty name I pray, amen.

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