Slow & Steady

Parenting. This is the very definition of slow and steady work. Can I get an amen momma?? 

Training up a child isn’t something that we can accomplish over a weekend, or while they are away at summer camp. There is no cute pin just waiting for us to be found on Pinterest that will give us the answers to train them up overnight. Training up our children requires work. It is a daily process without a shortcut. 

We know this, but when we sit back and evaluate our deepest moments of frustration as a mother, we will most always circle around to a misbehaving child. As women, and mothers, there is A LOT that we can handle. We can handle running errands on a hot and humid day with happy kids, or getting our oil changed, or the hiccup of our stove not working, or being the last to catch a shower (finally) only to hop in to cold water  – but the moment a whining child gets added to that mix, we may have lost it a time or two.

You’re not alone. Our inner grumpy mom is most often drawn out whilst dealing with misbehaving children. It’s the breaking point of our worst days. There is no quick fix to this, I am sorry to say. 

BUT, if we transform our mindset, it can help us handle those testing times with more grace and strength than before. 

“Committed and persistent work pays off; get-rich-quick schemes are rip-offs.” Proverbs 28:20

Now, we generally apply that to work and money, but mommas, we all know that parenting is SERIOUS WORK, so applying this truth in the context of motherhood is fitting, too.

Every day we are training our children up. This takes commitment and persistence. Let’s not see a dramatic child as something to send us over the edge, but as an expected part of the process. Our anger in those moments speaks of our demand to get-mature-quickly scheme. However this is not only impossible, it doesn’t pay off. 

Think of the moments of yelling and feeling completely overwhelmed we can save ourselves if we approach parenting with a slow and steady pace rather than setting expectations our children were not ready to meet. When our child loses it while we are have enough other dilemmas on our plate, let’s remember this is a training moment – for both our child AND ourselves. In these moments we have two choices mommas: we can lose our minds and join them in whining and screaming, or we can remember the process they are going through and speak calmly to them without expecting perfection. 

Mommas, don’t be so eager for your child’s maturity that you lose sight of what the Lord is doing in your life and the life of your child right now. Remember that training up a child doesn’t stop during the crazy moments of life. Your children will undoubtedly have their biggest breakdowns in the middle of an already difficult situation, making the situation even crazier. It’s okay momma. It is all part of the process. You have God on your side, and you will get through with love and commitment. Apply that to your child.

And when you see fruit of your work in the calm response of your child, revel in that process! Stay faithful to the slow and steady work for this work, God will abundantly bless. 


Thank you, Lord for entrusting the slow and steady process of training up my child(ren). Forgive me for acting as if they are only allowed to show their emotions if everything else is calm. Please give me a realistic expectation of them so I do not explode when they do not measure up to my unrealistic standards. Give me patience, grace and steadiness to stay committed and persistent in my job as mother. Please bless this slow work. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen. 

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